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  Meals by Design

Meals by Design is a special service offered by The Elegant Chef to provide nutritious meals in your home or office in the New York metropolitan area.

        In your busy life you may not have time to do everything and prepare healthy and satisfying meals every day. Working with a licensed dietician, The Elegant Chef provides well balanced heart healthy meals delivered to your home or office.

        No longer do you have to choose between lackluster take-out food, frozen dinners from the supermarket, pricey restaurants and the time and effort it takes to prepare a home-cooked meal. The Elegant Chef's Meals by Design offers delicious home cooking without the effort of cooking it yourself.

        Everything Meals by Design offers is freshly prepared and low in fat and cholesterol. It's not necesssary to choose between healthy eating and convenience. Meals by Design does all the work. Every day we provide well-balanced lunches and dinners.

        Meals by Design offers a wide selection of regional American and international cuisine.

Sample Menus

   Menu One

Stuffed Peppers ·  Filled with a mixture of sautéed spinach, portobello mushrooms, celery, brown Basmati rice and toasted pine nuts.
Oven-Baked Chicken ·  Cornmeal-coated breasts on a bed of sautéed leeks and carrots in a white wine-dill sauce.
Fennel Salad ·  Crunch Fennel with radishes and celery is a lemon vinagrette.

   Menu Two

Field Green Salad ·  With artichoke hearts and plum tomatoes in a raspberry vinagrette.
Angel Hair Pasta ·  With grilled shrimp & scallops, sun-dried tomatoes, kale and carrots.
Watercress Salad ·  A blend of crisp watercress, toasted almonds, plum tomatoes and feta cheese in a walnut vinagrette.

   Menu Three

Baked Acorn Squash ·  With white beans, carrots, Spanish onions, kale and carrots.
Vegetable Crepes ·  Vegetarian filled flour crepes served with hummus.
Green & Red Salad ·  English cucumbers, tomatoes and red onions.

   Menu Four

Baked Catfish  ·  In a lemon-dill marinade.
Lentil & Parsley Patties ·  Oven-baked and served with a tomato salsa.  
Green Peas · With roasted yellow peppers. 
Garden Salad ·  With grapefruit, red onion and walnuts

   Menu Five

Chicken Picata ·  Breaded sautéed cutlets with white wine, garlic, herbs, lemon, mushrooms and artichoke hearts.
Orzo ·  With diced carrots, kale and fresh dill.
Plum Tomatoes ·  Baked with bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese and olive oil.
Garden Salad ·  A blend of seasonal greens.  

   Menu Six

Scallops Marinara ·  Baked with green peppers, celery, oregano over spinach liguine.
Green Peas ·  In a light lemon and butter sauce.
Oriental Salad ·  Belgium endive, Mandarin oranges and toasted pecans in a ginger-orange dressing

   Menu Seven

Tuna Florentine ·  Grilled tuna steaks served atop a sauté of spinach and Spanish onions.
New Potatoes ·  Oven roasted and herb-scented.
Zucchini ·  Stuffed with portobello mushrooms.
Radicchio Salad ·  With hearts of palm, artichoke bottoms and scallions.

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