International Cuisine
    A Taste of the Middle East

From the Aegean Isles to the caravanserais of Persia cooking traditions in the Middle East date back many centuries. Recipes have regional variations but because of hundreds of years of interchange and migrations and largely undocumented history it is usually difficult to trace the source of any one dish.

        Many ingredients in Middle Eastern cooking are widely used. Among vegetables eggplant, spinach and okra are common. Chick peas, lentils, rice and bulgar wheat are also popular. Lamb is the preferred meat and there are many dishes that use chicken. Yogurt, olives and dates are found in many Middle Eastern recipes. And wonderful aromatic spices flavor Middle Eastern dishes such as cumin, coriander, saffron, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamon.

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International Cuisine
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Grape Leaves · Turkish grape leaves stuffed with exotically flavored basmati rice and pine nuts. Served with a yogurt dill dipping sauce.

Babaghanous · An Egyptian dip consisting of roasted eggplant pureed with sesame paste, Spanish olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. Served with pita and baby carrots.

Spanakopita · Greek triangle pockets of flaky phyllo dough with a selection of seasoned fillings: feta cheese and spinach, king crab, hot sausage or baby shrimp.

   First Course

Marak Avocado · The flavors of Israel come alive in this chicken-base soup with the creamy addition of ripe avocados and fresh herbs

   Second Course

Tabbouleh · A traditional Middle Eastern salad with a Lebanese adaptation. Cracked bulgur wheat mixed with exotic greens, flavored with olive oil, lemon and mint. Served on crispy lettuce greens.

   Main Course

Fesinjan · Tender free range chicken breasts sauteed with a delightful Persian blend of walnuts, onions and rich pomegranate syrup. Served over fluffy white basmati rice.

Yemenese Zucchini · Stuffed zucchini with roasted eggplant vinaigrette.


Persian Baklava · Flaky phyllo dough rolls filled with an exotic mixture of pistachio nuts, orange blossom water, and lemon juice.


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