International Cuisine
    A Taste Of Mexico

On the west is the Pacific Ocean and on the east is the Gulf of Mexico. Their tropical waters abound in fish and seafood. In the south are rain forest and the northern states of Mexico are mountainous and arid. This varied topography is reflected in the many regional cooking styles.

        Traditional regional dishes known as "platos regionales", are often based on century-old recipes that predate the Spanish conquest. Varied sauces based on cheeses, tomatoes, peppers and even chocolate (called mole) are served with chicken, pork, beef, vegetables and seafood. Each region has its own distinctive and creative variation.

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International Cuisine
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Jalapeno Puffs · A spicy blend of jalapeno pepper with fresh herbs, rolled in corn dough and baked till crispy.

Quesadillas · An all time Mexican favorite. Finger sized soft shell corn tortilla stuffed with melted cheese and sour cream.

Corn and Vegetable Taco Chips · Served with black bean dip, guacamole and picante sauce.


Ensalada de Palmitos · Hearts of palm come together with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, green olives and parsley.

Ensalada Jicama · The jicama is a bulbous root of a leguminous plant indigenous to Mexico and Central and South America. Mixed with fresh cilantro, orange juice and oranges this is a light and cool salad.

Caesar Salad · Invented in 1924 by Caesar Cardini, in his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico.

   Fish Dish

Bay Scallops Arcos Style · Tender bay scallops simmered to perfection in a spicy Mulatto chili-base with tomatoes and green peppers.

   Poultry Dish

Chicken de El Centro · From the central portion of Mexico this dish brings together the flavors of fresh lime juice and basil as a marinade and sauce for grilled chicken breasts.

   All Time Mexican Favorites

Chicken Quesadillas · Throughout Mexico this delicious dish is eaten. Flour tortillas are filled with shredded chicken, onion and cascabel chilies. Guacamole, sour cream and picante sauce are served on the side.

Tacos · Sautéed ground beef, onions, garlic and chilies. Guests can heap on generous portions of lettuce, diced tomatoes, grated cheese and picante sauce.

   Side dishes

Refried Beans · An all time Mexican favorite of red beans cooked to perfection with herbs and tomatoes.

Mexican Rice · Long grain rice cooked with scallions, green peppers, tomatoes and serrano peppers.


Aztec Cake · A classic dessert going back over 500 years. This artistically designed cake consists of a vanilla and chocolate confectionery with alternating layers of rich Mexican mocha and chocolate and toasted meringue. The cake is topped with a rich mocha and chocolate frosting with a interesting Aztec design.

Viceroy Cake · An adaptation of a tribal dessert. The cake consists of a liquor-basted vanilla confectionery with layers of dried fruit (figs, apricots, cherries, citron) and a vanilla custard filling. The cake is topped with a light vanilla frosting, dried fruit and toasted almonds.


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