International Cuisine
    English High Tea

English High Tea, usually served as an afternoon or early evening light meal, is a British tradition dating from the 19th Century. It lends itself to be served as a buffet, a simple but elegant sit-down meal, or served from trays while you converse with your guests in your living room.

        A variety of foods are offered such as pastries, dainty finger sandwiches, cold fish or meat presentations and chilled soups such as vichyssoise and of course a selection of freshly made teas and coffee. And for those who like to imbibe cocktails, such as Mimosas and Pimm's Cups, are a nice addition.

        English high tea can be a refreshing alternative to the more common cocktail party and is particularly appropriate for an early or late afternoon affair. One may think of English high tea as a sort of refined brunch.

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International Cuisine
    English High Tea
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   Enticing Sweets

A varied selection of light and delectable miniature pastries inspired from European chefs.

Irish Scones · Savory scones served with imported Swedish gooseberry, lingonberry and apricot preserves.

English Cream Puffs · A traditional English recipe of light puffs pipped with creamy raspberry mousse and chantilly cream.

French Fruit Tarts · Miniature tarts filled with a delicate lemon cream.

Italian Biscotti · A selection of Italy's favorite crunchy cookie: double chocolate, hazelnut, lemon-poppy and orange-filbert.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries · A favorite in Europe and the United States. Large plump berries dipped into a rich double chocolate mixture.

   Finger Sandwiches

A tradition of the English high tea. Thin dainty sandwiches, made from fresh home-made crustless white bread and topped with a colorful selection of creations.

Watercress and Cucumber · with an herbed mayonnaise spread.

Poached Baby Gulf Shrimp · with a yogurt-dill topping on crustless white bread.

Plum Tomato and English Cucumber · with a pesto spread.

Smoked Turkey · with a cranberry-pistachio topping.

Grilled Tuna · with a basil sun dried tomato butter.

   Smoked Salmon Presentation

An elegant display of paper-thin- sliced smoked Norwegian salmon with an assortment of traditional condiments: golden caviar, egg whites and yolks, capers, onions and served with pumpernickel slices.

   Chilled Soup

Vichyssoise a la Ritz · A delectable recipe inspired and adapted from the world famous Ritz Hotel. A creamy blend of leeks, celery, potatoes and rich heavy cream. Served cold and topped with chives

   From the Bar

Coffee · fresh brewed.

Tea · a selection of fine imported blends.

Mimosa · Champagne and fresh orange juice.

Bloody Mary · Seasoned tomato juice and vodka served with a celery stalk

Pimm's Cup · Is the gin-based Pimm's Cup. Please describe.


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