International Cuisine
    A Taste Of France

French cuisine is synonymous with elegant dining. Refined by generations of chefs perfecting recipes that delight the discerning palate and please the eye, French cooking is among the world's great cuisines.

        French haute cuisine can trace its origin to the marriage of Catherine de Medici and Henry II of France in 1533. The new French queen brought a retinue of cooks from Italy and a courtly style of cooking was developed and refined for the next four centuries.

        Great chefs in the 19th century such as Auguste Escoffier and Marie Antoine Carême codified this rich and frequently elaborate cuisine. It was a cuisine of impressive presentation and rich sauces and lots of butter.

        In the last few decades chefs have experimented with French cuisine to reduce the fat but retain the essence of haute cuisine. The Elegant Chef, with our interest in delicious and healthy food, concurs with this trend.

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International Cuisine
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Salmon Mousse · A delightful blend of Scottish salmon, thick cream, fresh dill and nutmeg. The platters will be ornamented with beautiful greenery to set off the delicate pink of the creamy mousse. The mousse will be served with thin wafers.

Goose Liver Patê · Baby goose livers delicately blended with imported cognac, fresh heavy cream and herbs, and served with freshly baked baguettes.

   First Course

Potage Basquaise · Reknown throughout the Basque region of France. A stripped bass soup combine with a delightful blend of fennel, tomato, saffron, white wine and brandy.

   Fish Course

Bay Scallops Arcos Style · Tender bay scallops simmered to perfection in a spicy Mulatto chili-base with tomatoes and green peppers.

   Second Course

Salade de Fontenay · A refreshing blend of Boston endive and radicchio served with a tart raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

   Main Course

Couronne de Soles · A French classic. Ring mold lined with strips of filet of sole encasing a mousse of fresh salmon. Brought to perfection by a sauce of diced shrimp in cognac.

Salade de Haricots Verts Provençale · Tender young green beans served atop julienne fennel, sliced plum tomatoes, Mediterranean olives, chervil and graced with a light garlic-basil vinaigrette.


Soufflé Grand Marnier · A traditional basic French souffle with Grand Marnier as a principal ingredient. Served hot.


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