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Executives: Ever consider having a business luncheon on your own premises? Forget about the expense of renting a hotel or catering hall and their schedules and limited menus. Utilize your own offices for your corporate catering needs with The Elegant Chef's large selection of delicious dishes. Choose from a wide array of regional American, Meditteranean, heart-healthy, vegetarian or other cuisines.

        When you discuss business, either with your luncheon or after there you are with all your visual aids and everything else you need to set the stage for your presentation. Many executives believe their own premises are inadequate but they'd be amazed how with some judicious re-arranging by a creative caterer they can be comfortable and time efficient.

        Here is a sampling of the unusual recipes assembled by The Elegant Chef from all over the world.

The Elegant Chef

   Menu One

Spinach Salad · Fresh garden spinach, plump cherry tomatoes and bacon with a lemon vinaigrette.

American Beef Stew · A hearty combination of tender beef chunks, garden vegetables and root vegetables.

Biscotti · An Italian favorite. Crunchy cookies flavored with chocolate and almond.

   Menu Two

Garden Salad · A combination of fresh seasonal greens with ranch dressing.

Grilled Swordfish Steaks · Grilled to perfection and simmered with home-made tomato sauce.

Couscous Pilaf · Fluffy grains blended with sautéed julienne squash and zucchini.

Asparagus Italienne · Seasonal asparagus spears topped with roasted red peppers, sesame seeds and napped with a light lemon-caper vinaigrette.

Fruit Pies · A collection of home-made seasonal pies.


   Menu Three

Scallop and Shrimp Salad · A hearty combination of fresh bay scallops, Gulf shrimp, red, yellow and orange peppers, julienne carrots in a light teriyaki-ginger-sherry sauce. A delightful cold presentation.

Couscous Salad · A blend of spicy-grilled chicken breasts, pigeon peas, scallions, zucchini and yellow squash and fluffy couscous. Served with a tomato-basil dressing.

Fruit Kebabs · A combination of colorful seasonal melon balls, marinated in Grand Marnier and skewered for presentation.

   Menu Four

Salad Oriental · A cool combination of crispy Belgium endive, Mandarin oranges and walnuts in an orange-ginger dressing.

Chicken with Nut Crust · Toasted pecans and almonds form a crunchy crust for these thinly sliced chicken breasts.

Barley & Portobello Risotto · A blend of barley and balsamic-marinated grilled portobello mushrooms and red peppers.

Vegetable Medley · Baby carrots and snow peas served with a lemon-dill dressing.

Seasonal Fruit Salad · Fresh fruit of the season, cut into balls, combine together with a touch of orange juice and orange-lemon zest for flavoring. Served with imported Persian pistachios on the side.

   Menu Five

Seasonal Salad · A delightful blend of bitter watercress, crispy Belgium endive and creamy feta cheese. Served with a light vinaigrette.sauce.

Cold Poached Salmon · Fresh Norwegian salmon, poached with fresh herbs, accompanied by a creamy cucumber-dill-yogurt sauce.

Herbed Orzo · Rice-shaped pasta prepared with a medley of fresh herbs.

Sugar Snap Peas · Crispy sugar snap peas served with a light lemon vinaigrette.

Individual Fresh Fruit Tarts · Seasonal tarts filled with a Bavarian cream, over a genoise (sponge cake), lightly basted with liqueur and topped with chocolate-dipped strawberries.

   Menu Six

Rainbow Slaw · Julienne yellow and green squash, carrots and green peppers, dressed with a champagne vinaigrette.

Chicken a la Iberia · A popular creation of Spain. Grilled poached breasts topped with a tuna-basil sauce.

Egyptian Tabbouleh · Bulgur wheat is blended with scallions, parsley, peas and cucumbers and dressed with a fresh mint-yogurt sauce.

Green Beans Provençale · Tender green beans served with either a pesto or tomato-walnut sauce.

Apple Strudel · Apples, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and home made cookie crumbs rolled in flaky phyllo dough.

   Menu Seven

Mixed Greens · Fresh organic mesclun with cherry tomatoes, endive, hearts of palm and an herb vinaigrette.

Portuguese Bay Scallops · Lightly sauteéd with a full-bodied Burgundy wine and simmered in a light tomato-coriander sauce. Served with fluffy white or brown basmati rice.

Vegetable Medley · Tender baby carrots and crisp sugar snap peas seasoned with fresh lemon and dill.

Home Made Cookies and Gelato · An assortment of home made cookies and creamy gelato.

   Menu Eight

Watercress Salad · An Irish inspiration of crispy watercress, walnuts and goat cheese. Served with a walnut vinaigrette.

Vegetable-Stuffed Chicken Rolls · Tender breasts of free range chicken marinated in Spanish olive oil, garlic and lemon juice, rolled around crisp carrots and fresh dill. Poached and served on a bed of shredded yellow and green squash with a white wine-dill sauce.

Root Vegetable Bake · A medley of root vegetables: new potatoes, parsnips, turnips, celery root and beets baked with fresh herbs and olive oil.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries & Cookies · Lucious chocolate-dipped strawberries served with home made cookies.

   Menu Nine

Salad Oriental · A cool combination of crispy Belgium endive, Mandarin oranges and walnuts in an orange-ginger dressing.

Oriental-Style Shrimp · A stir fry of Gulf shrimp, and seasonal vegetables with cashew nuts and a tangy Hoisin sauce. Served over Chinese sesame noodles.

Gingered Asparagus · Tender spears sauteéd with fresh ginger, garlic and olive oil.

Kumquat Custard Tarts · Creamy tarts filled with a lemon custard and imported tart Chinese kumquats.

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